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James Maibach, CPM
Certified Real Estate Appraiser
Certified Property Manager
TX Licensed Real Estate Broker
Property Tax Consultant
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Larry Wallace, CPA
Licensed Property Tax Consultant
Jordan Foster, CCIM, MBA
Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker
Licensed Property Tax Consultant
Austin Goode
Licensed Texas Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed Property Tax Consultant
(817) 467-6803 ext. 12


Peyco Southwest Realty, Inc. works for you our client, to provide a full range of services of property tax/ad valorem tax needs. Expertise in all areas of commercial real estate in the Arlington, Mansfield, and Dallas Fort Worth market, including brokerage, appraisals, property management, and zoning gives us the marketplace savvy to provide you hard hitting property tax services that include:

Client representation with the appraisal districts including:
  • Protest filing
  • Agricultural status filing
  • Business personal property (non real estate assets) renditions
  • Tax abatement and exemption filing to include:
    • Freeport exemption
    • Homestead and over 65 exemption
    • Agricultural appraisal exemption
    • Charitable organization exemption
  • Tax abatement filing
Value negotiations for business personal property, commercial and residential property with the appraisal districts through informal meetings, appraisal review board meetings, arbitration and litigation proceedings with qualified attorneys.

Our staff thoroughly researches the market and prepares case information for each property we represent. We leverage the client’s knowledge of the property, our expertise in the full range of services we provide in the commercial real estate arena, with competent and knowledgeable staff to present the best case materials to the appraisal districts.

We proudly serve clients such as:

Windstar Properties
D.R. Horton
Ron Sturgeon
Methodist Hospitals of Dallas
Ogburn Trucking

We serve the following industries; Retail, Land, Office Buildings, Industrial, Medical, Veterinarians, Trucking and Developers