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James Maibach, CPM
Certified Real Estate Appraiser
Certified Property Manager
TX Licensed Real Estate Broker
Property Tax Consultant
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Jordan Foster, CCIM, MBA
Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker
Licensed Property Tax Consultant
Kathi Frawley
Licensed Texas Real Estate Salesperson
Terry Dick
Property Maintenance Manager
Lamont Frawley


Peyco Southwest Realty, Inc. is a full service commercial Property Management company. Peyco has been involved in all of the aspects of Property Management since the company’s formation. Peyco began by managing in-house commercial properties but has since expanded to outside owners as well. Peyco treats the outside commercial properties we manage as if the properties belonged to the Peyco Family.

The Peyco property management team is led by Robert Rivera, who has been in the commercial real estate business since 1991. Peyco leases and manages approximately 2 million square feet of commercial real estate. Our management team works hard to ensure that our owner’s keep their properties leased and their buildings in the best shape possible. Peyco prides itself in the formation and maintaining of strong professional and personal relationships with the property owners as well as the tenants.

Peyco offers the below services to our property management clients:
  • finding and keeping good, quality Tenants
  • on-going Tenant relations
  • providing property maintenance and supervision of repairs, renovations, and tenant finish-out
  • full general accounting and bookkeeping, rent collections, bill payment, reconciliation statements
  • serving Tenants late payment notices, default notices, and lock-out notices, as well actually locking out Tenants who are in default of their lease
  • utility and property tax billings
  • periodic property inspections
  • periodic updates to our clients
Peyco Southwest Realty’s competitive advantage over our competitors is the close relationships that are not only formed with our clients but with our Tenants as well. It is our goal to make our clients be at ease with their investment properties, so that they may able the other things in life.


Ron Sturgeon Real Estate L.P. – Owner Representation
O’day Farmbrook Inc. – Owner Representation
Southwest Securities FSB – Tenant Representation
EL Capa and El Capa II – Owner Representation
MMH – Owner Representation
Frazier Properties Inc. – Owner Representation
Everman Independent School District – Tenant Representation
Arlington Warehouse Investors – Owner Representation
Mansfield Warehouse Investors – Owner Representation