Did your Property Tax Values increase?

There are several reasons they might be too high and you should protest. Did the value drastically increase from last year? Is your property valued unequally compared with other property in the appraisal district? Were there missed exemptions or clerical errors? Is your property being taxed by the wrong taxing units or incorrectly included on the appraisal records? Whatever the case, we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

Why hire a Property Tax Consultant?

  • Experience and understanding of the Property Tax Code

  • Knowledge of the difference between Market Value and Tax Appraisal Value is key

  • Knowledge of real estate and access to market data

  • Save you, the client, time spent preparing for ARB hearing and the paperwork involved

  • Added professional quality you have to offer your client as their real estate agent

  • Negotiating expertise with appraisal district representatives – brokerage background is key

How Peyco can help.

We leverage our extensive marketplace knowledge and dig deep into appraisal research to file the most well-researched protest case possible. Values for business personal property, commercial and residential property are negotiated with the appraisal districts through informal meetings and appraisal review board hearings. Then we use the arbitration process or the litigation proceedings to get the best possible results.

Don’t let the deadline sneak up on you!

You must file your protest by May 15th or within 30 days after you receive your notice.


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